Month: January 2014

Euphoria: F*cking is the highest form of happiness


I’ve only watched the two episode OVAs of this visual novel, but having seen the Anime Adaptation of Euphoria made me wonder about its origin and made me react like “f*ck, there has got to be more”. I was so glad that I finished episode 2 up to its credits because if I haven’t I wouldn’t have found out about this:



My reaction was WTF and WTH!?. Before the credits, all of them exited the doors and I thought that it was pretty stupid for an ending. I mean, there are still four girls that the protagonist had to bang, and yet, he chose his childhood friend Hokari Kanae for the last 4 doors. That’s just boring, He need to bang them all for it to be a genuine hentai. But I didn’t expect the picture above to happen.


Come on, it’s not that I don’t like the typical “I will do everything for you” kind of gal, but in this kind of game. It doesn’t really suit it. I mostly like Manaka Nemu, the sadist and the masochist of the five. Her dark personality would  actually make you think that she was part of the facility who orchestrated “The Game”. Sure in the ending of episode 2, she was revealed to be a somewhat scientist and was undoubtedly the one pulling the strings.

euphoria euphoria

But based on my research about it’s real plot in the visual novel. Kanae was the real scientist and the one torturing Keisuke.


I know that there are anime adaptation that doesn’t include or revise things that happened in the manga, but how could the creators of the OVA do something that actually changed the character’s personality from the visual novel. I kind of noticed it when I stumbled upon a photo of Nemu swallowing Kei’s excrement.(I did my research). In the OVA, it was Kanae who was swallowing it. (or was it really Nemu? because the facility can alter their memories and that Keisuke was actually f*cking Nemu in the whole OVA and not Kanae?) Forgive me for my indecisiveness, but I haven’t really read the VN because I can’t find a god damn downloader or a link that wouldn’t say error.

To wrap things up since I didn’t actually describe Euphoria, there is one movie that can describe this, SAW. Yes everyone, it is very similar to the Saw franchise. First is that, if you don’t want to play the game, then you’re dead man/woman. Second, if you play the game but unfortunately fail, you’re still a dead man or woman and Lastly, always follow the rules! because they can really be a life-saver.


Wish I could say the same for Andou Miyako.


Texhnolyze: Still Unfathomable After 11 Years


Warning: Blood and Beheading.

I know most of you couldn’t handle this anime. Personally, I was traumatized by Texhnolyze. Released in 2003, let’s see, I was only in third grade. I was a television addict kid back then, I woke up at 5 am, turned on the television and switched the channel to Animax. I was eating my breakfast and watched Texhnolyze. I think it was the second episode, since I perfectly remember that there was the cutting of arm and leg. A horrifying treat for a kid my age back then.

Arm GoneArm GoneArm GoneArm Gone

Ichise (main protagonist) losing his arm and leg

Anyways, I got over my trauma after 11 years. Christ’s sake! 11 years, that is how unfathomable the series is. Plus. there are some implied sex scenes that could be found. This is actually a post-apocalyptic anime wherein the people are living in an underground city called, Lux or Lukuss and texhnolyzation is widely spread. Texhnolyze refers to a person which has advanced prosthetic limbs. Some considered them as evolved, some perceived them as abominations, like the Union. The city is controlled by three factions, the Organo(you could say that they are the mafia, most members have been texhnolyzed), the Salvation Union(hatesTexhnolyzation) and the Racan(both the Organo and Salvation view them as hooligans, mostly comprised of younger men)

The Organo


Salvation Union


Racan (I told you they were punks)

Of course, most of the plot comprises a series of deaths and killing. There are some twist like the homo-incest sex for Toyama and his father and the sexual intercourse with patients for the texhnolyze specialist, Doc.

Ichise and Doc

Ichise and Doc

Toyama and his father (Ichise's point of view; Episode 11)

Toyama and his father (Ichise’s point of view; Episode 11)

Most disturbing scenes can be found within the ending episodes of the series. Meaning episode 20-22. Toyama’s beheading, Onishi’s total annihilation, Kano’s beheading. Ran as one of the shapes(but is presumably dead).

Arm GoneArm GoneArm GoneArm Gone

This is a warning for those who would want to watch this anime. This is really not for the faint-hearted. Even if there is no gory scenes, here is this weird feeling of despair and anguish that will lurk within you after watching this. You might want to say, I am really intrigued on what happened to Ichise, if he died or just slept. I don’t know, I just want to hug him when I saw this scene. I want to comfort him and tell him that there is still a tomorrow.

Arm GoneArm Gone

Lesson: I am a misanthropist in all aspects but when you encounter someone or even an anime character who feels more despair and anguish than you do. You feel compelled to live on and cheer that person who is more miserable than you, because they experienced situations far worse than you. Your heart will encourage you to live on for that person.

But my overall reaction to the whole anime is still this:


Recommendation: Don’t watch it only once, because, really, you won’t be able to get it.

“Inhumane and Beautiful”