Month: March 2014

A Bond Made by Lasciviousness

So first of all, this is not about romantic relationships. To be frank, it’s about my girl best friend whose name I want to leave anonymous for various reasons. I simply love her and adore her though I can’t put my finger as to how or why. Maybe that’s the very epitome of Friendship, just like Love, you can’t describe it.

Our friendship started at our first year of college. At first, she approached me but I didn’t snob her, I just couldn’t look straight at her in the eye. I know it’s rude and all of that but it’s a habit of mine not to look directly at someone’s eye when I’m feeling a bit shy. We started out as acquaintances during the first month of college life but then I felt that I was with the wrong group of people (people who doesn’t have the same interests as mine) since I was trying to act NORMAL just to fit in and it was one the worst f*cking month of my life. I was gradually separating from the group and was now seeking someone whom I could share my interests with. Then that person and I talked again, the details are kind of blurry but I seemed to recall that I opened the topic regarding sex and that’s where it all started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a virgin until now, I just like to talk about sex and the things that are related to it, come on it’s fascinating for crying out loud. Me and my best friend would talk about our sexual fantasies non stop, even if our professor is discussing in front, we would always find a way to fulfill our desires (meaning elaborating it or creating stories about it), especially when classes are over and we would do our “Fun Walk” (hey if there’s a fun run, there’s a fun walk). 

We actually don’t care if everyone around us thinks were weird or crazy as long as we are true, it doesn’t really matter because being normal and being a goody two shoes is just plain boring.