Since I can’t find my photo albums anywhere, the closest thing to it was my camera and the photos it contains.

Recently, my mother and I have some issues, but my mother ignores it. Because of that, I harbor so much hatred and bitterness for her. I’m currently living with my maternal grandmother. My mother rarely visits us due to work and having a complicated relationship with my stepfather. One time, she visited us and I was blatantly ignoring her by locking myself in my room. And then she knocked, so I was forced to open to show respect. What happened next was something I did not expect. She was holding the cake topper/figure from my first birthday. It represented me as a child. Eventhough I did not remember any of it, the feeling of happiness surged within me. I wanted to cry since it reminded me of the times when I still had my mother all to myself, and that she gave me a party, gifts and the times when I still wanted to be with her. Now, our relationship is colder than Antartica. My smile quickly turned into a frown and returned the figure where it was originally placed but not before taking a picture of it. I thought to myself that I wanted this, I wanted to be cold to her, and nothing in the whole world can make me change my mind. I won’t lower my pride even if it is my mother.






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