In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Calling Uncle Bob.”

Truth is, no one can fix your problem except yourself since you are the only one who truly knows the problem at hand. You knew why it lead to the problem and you are the only one who can find a solution that best fit the chaos you have ensued.

The only situation where you can call Uncle Bob is in matters of health or fixing objects where you don’t have the expertise to do so. But if we are talking about a situation that was created by our own two hands, then those two able hands must work to grasp a solution.

Three Items

This is a hard one, I can’t certainly enter the room without my laptop. It is the one thing that would keep me sane. Does internet count as the second item? Maybe not, Wifi isn’t visible at all so I’ll set up a Wifi connection first before entering the room. If the wifi is invalid, then I’ll have to bring a pillow, it would be a perfect companion for my third item. The third item would be a nice comfy bed, I don’t like chairs, it makes my back ache and I won’t last there for an hour. I want to make that magical room as comfortable as my own vision of a minimalists’ paradise. At least I won’t get distracted. 

Serenading Myself

Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Every person has their own music, their own genre and what music they prefer listening. The third challenge is to write the three most important songs in my life. I don’t know if I could even name three since there are millions of them, but I will just write what comes into my mind that holds a significance to my heart and my emotions.

The first song is “Don’t Mess With Me” by Temposhark. The song starts with a cello, I think. Anyway, it’s all in the lyrics and the tone. The meaning I perceived from listening to this song is that “I rule the world, nothing can stop me and if you mess with, you will be so f*cked up”. It’s a catchy song if you’re into vengeance and anger and would want to make the lives of the people who deeply hurted you pay. 

Next one is “So Happy I Could Die” by Lady GaGa. God, I love her so much, I call her the Queen of Reinventions, because she never fails to surprise the world. So this song, I think it’s about being dope and masturbation. When you are in pain and you are all alone, the only one you could rely on is yourself, and what better thing to do when you are facing problems and failed at something is to pleasure yourself. It will like heaven and thus the name of the song, So Happy I could Die from pleasure.

Last is “A thousand Years” by Christina Perri. I don’t know why I chose this song, maybe because I want this song to be played on my wedding march. I could already see it (if I live to be that long). The season is autumn and my wedding will be held in a forest, like in Twilight, much to my dismay. The songs is just so touching that whenever I played it, I think about my future.

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoy my entry for today.

Saint of Lasciviousness

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.


If I were to be a saint, I would probably be the Saint of Lasciviousness. I would hold orgys and you know that kind of stuff so I will leave it to your imagination to further your thoughts. The place where my activities where my sainthood would likely to be held is the Isle of the Dead.



Seems familiar? To otakus, this is the second ending of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, “Lacrimosa”. Yeah, I know its fictional and no one lives there, but it would be awesome to be praised as a saint in that island.

20 Minutes of Writing without Thinking.

Writing 101, Day One

I don’t know if what I’m doing is right but what the heck. The one I want to write is in another language and I’m having a hard time translating it into English. I want to watch Game of Thrones but it’s not on HBO yet, my internet is slow and my laptop is HP which makes it more troublesome to surf the internet. Oh, dear God, why was I bless with a piece of crap of a computer. I want an i7 core that has at least a terabyte of memory. I can’t have one hour of pleasure from surfing the net without having the message “Display Driver is broken or something like that” and the awful sound system this laptop has, it’s like I’m hearing the turbulence of an airplane. It’s not even internet friendly. Good thing, I have television but then, the remote is broken or something, I tried replacing the batteries but it still doesn’t work and now I have to change the channels the old fashioned way by standing up and pushing all the buttons, but it’s hard pushing the buttons when it responds to your touch, even if I just laid my finger there, it would quickly change channels. Then I have that awful thesis meeting tomorrow, actually it’s not a meeting but kind of a hiking in the mountains. I wish life could be easier, at least I got to watch Maleficent with my friends, but it came with a cost that was very surprising, yet it was worth it. I love Angelina Jolie and the twist in the old Fairy Tale. I loved that True Love doesn’t always have to come from the opposite sex, it can be a bond between friends or a maternal kind of love.

Now I am frustrated on what will happen tomorrow. I’m a lazy person and I don;t want to get out of bed. I want to wake up at 11:00 in the morning, not 4:00 am. I know that I’ll sleep at around 2:00 am because of the hot climate, and when I say hot, I really mean hot. I could fry eggs on the street within 10 seconds. I can’t use the air conditioner since I’m the only one whose going to use it, and my family is economically wise. There has to be 2-3 persons in the room before I can use it.

While writing, I turned on the television and switched the channel to HBO, The Avengers is on, and it’s in the part where Black Widow is using her interrogation skills to know what Loke is planning. Has 20 minutes passed? Then I guess it’s publishing time even if I know my post is wrong. Well then, Enjoy!


Since I can’t find my photo albums anywhere, the closest thing to it was my camera and the photos it contains.

Recently, my mother and I have some issues, but my mother ignores it. Because of that, I harbor so much hatred and bitterness for her. I’m currently living with my maternal grandmother. My mother rarely visits us due to work and having a complicated relationship with my stepfather. One time, she visited us and I was blatantly ignoring her by locking myself in my room. And then she knocked, so I was forced to open to show respect. What happened next was something I did not expect. She was holding the cake topper/figure from my first birthday. It represented me as a child. Eventhough I did not remember any of it, the feeling of happiness surged within me. I wanted to cry since it reminded me of the times when I still had my mother all to myself, and that she gave me a party, gifts and the times when I still wanted to be with her. Now, our relationship is colder than Antartica. My smile quickly turned into a frown and returned the figure where it was originally placed but not before taking a picture of it. I thought to myself that I wanted this, I wanted to be cold to her, and nothing in the whole world can make me change my mind. I won’t lower my pride even if it is my mother.




Sentiments: When I am writing, I am trying to find out who I am – Maya Angelou

So after two months I decided to write again and I found the late Maya Angelou’s quote in the Daily Post. What triggered me to write something about the said quote is that I am facing a situation that involves my real self. I’m already a stepping into my last year in college, and is already working in our thesis. The thesis is actually a group effort since we are going to do a film. The crazy part is that I had been chosen as scriptwriter,  at first I was thrilled but then I learned that I had no say in what is the content and subject of the film.

Many days passed and I was informed that it would be a cultural short film. My head and my heart were voicing out “WHAT THE F*CK, I DON’T WANT TO WRITE AND I CAN’T WRITE ABOUT CULTURE”. I was frustrated and personally, I really don’t want to make a script about a cultural film, having the mindset that I might overstep the boundaries of exploitation. But of course, it was still the say of the director and I couldn’t do a thing about it except nod and accept it. A few days later we were conceptualizing on what would happen in our story, and guess what happens. I didn’t help at all, that was one of the moments I feel very useless, sure I gave a few ideas, but it was my duty as a scriptwriter to do the majority of the thinking. When we finally have our story, my director asked me to do the sequence treatment, which I barely even wrote. I told one of my thesis mates that I really could not do it and to please understand that writing about culture isn’t my forte. It just isn’t me.

So what is my forte? Writing horror? Nope. Suspense? Guess Again. Romantic Comedy? Bingo! We have a winner!

Yes, I admit that it’s already cliche’ but this is the real me. Plus I am a young woman who yearns for some love. I couldn’t help it, so my most powerful tool isn’t a pen, but my imagination. I’m an insatiable woman, and the only thing that could satisfy me is myself. There is a thought that you could only write romance novels if you have experienced it. That is so totally wrong. I have loved but nobody loved me back and that’s cool. There’s a saying that its better to have loved and lost than to never to have loved at all, meaning it’s alright if your love was not reciprocated. It the content that counts. Plus I can’t write a story by heart unless it’s already been adapted into an anime, manga or movie.

A Bond Made by Lasciviousness

So first of all, this is not about romantic relationships. To be frank, it’s about my girl best friend whose name I want to leave anonymous for various reasons. I simply love her and adore her though I can’t put my finger as to how or why. Maybe that’s the very epitome of Friendship, just like Love, you can’t describe it.

Our friendship started at our first year of college. At first, she approached me but I didn’t snob her, I just couldn’t look straight at her in the eye. I know it’s rude and all of that but it’s a habit of mine not to look directly at someone’s eye when I’m feeling a bit shy. We started out as acquaintances during the first month of college life but then I felt that I was with the wrong group of people (people who doesn’t have the same interests as mine) since I was trying to act NORMAL just to fit in and it was one the worst f*cking month of my life. I was gradually separating from the group and was now seeking someone whom I could share my interests with. Then that person and I talked again, the details are kind of blurry but I seemed to recall that I opened the topic regarding sex and that’s where it all started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a virgin until now, I just like to talk about sex and the things that are related to it, come on it’s fascinating for crying out loud. Me and my best friend would talk about our sexual fantasies non stop, even if our professor is discussing in front, we would always find a way to fulfill our desires (meaning elaborating it or creating stories about it), especially when classes are over and we would do our “Fun Walk” (hey if there’s a fun run, there’s a fun walk). 

We actually don’t care if everyone around us thinks were weird or crazy as long as we are true, it doesn’t really matter because being normal and being a goody two shoes is just plain boring. 

Euphoria: F*cking is the highest form of happiness


I’ve only watched the two episode OVAs of this visual novel, but having seen the Anime Adaptation of Euphoria made me wonder about its origin and made me react like “f*ck, there has got to be more”. I was so glad that I finished episode 2 up to its credits because if I haven’t I wouldn’t have found out about this:



My reaction was WTF and WTH!?. Before the credits, all of them exited the doors and I thought that it was pretty stupid for an ending. I mean, there are still four girls that the protagonist had to bang, and yet, he chose his childhood friend Hokari Kanae for the last 4 doors. That’s just boring, He need to bang them all for it to be a genuine hentai. But I didn’t expect the picture above to happen.


Come on, it’s not that I don’t like the typical “I will do everything for you” kind of gal, but in this kind of game. It doesn’t really suit it. I mostly like Manaka Nemu, the sadist and the masochist of the five. Her dark personality would  actually make you think that she was part of the facility who orchestrated “The Game”. Sure in the ending of episode 2, she was revealed to be a somewhat scientist and was undoubtedly the one pulling the strings.

euphoria euphoria

But based on my research about it’s real plot in the visual novel. Kanae was the real scientist and the one torturing Keisuke.


I know that there are anime adaptation that doesn’t include or revise things that happened in the manga, but how could the creators of the OVA do something that actually changed the character’s personality from the visual novel. I kind of noticed it when I stumbled upon a photo of Nemu swallowing Kei’s excrement.(I did my research). In the OVA, it was Kanae who was swallowing it. (or was it really Nemu? because the facility can alter their memories and that Keisuke was actually f*cking Nemu in the whole OVA and not Kanae?) Forgive me for my indecisiveness, but I haven’t really read the VN because I can’t find a god damn downloader or a link that wouldn’t say error.

To wrap things up since I didn’t actually describe Euphoria, there is one movie that can describe this, SAW. Yes everyone, it is very similar to the Saw franchise. First is that, if you don’t want to play the game, then you’re dead man/woman. Second, if you play the game but unfortunately fail, you’re still a dead man or woman and Lastly, always follow the rules! because they can really be a life-saver.


Wish I could say the same for Andou Miyako.

Texhnolyze: Still Unfathomable After 11 Years


Warning: Blood and Beheading.

I know most of you couldn’t handle this anime. Personally, I was traumatized by Texhnolyze. Released in 2003, let’s see, I was only in third grade. I was a television addict kid back then, I woke up at 5 am, turned on the television and switched the channel to Animax. I was eating my breakfast and watched Texhnolyze. I think it was the second episode, since I perfectly remember that there was the cutting of arm and leg. A horrifying treat for a kid my age back then.

Arm GoneArm GoneArm GoneArm Gone

Ichise (main protagonist) losing his arm and leg

Anyways, I got over my trauma after 11 years. Christ’s sake! 11 years, that is how unfathomable the series is. Plus. there are some implied sex scenes that could be found. This is actually a post-apocalyptic anime wherein the people are living in an underground city called, Lux or Lukuss and texhnolyzation is widely spread. Texhnolyze refers to a person which has advanced prosthetic limbs. Some considered them as evolved, some perceived them as abominations, like the Union. The city is controlled by three factions, the Organo(you could say that they are the mafia, most members have been texhnolyzed), the Salvation Union(hatesTexhnolyzation) and the Racan(both the Organo and Salvation view them as hooligans, mostly comprised of younger men)

The Organo


Salvation Union


Racan (I told you they were punks)

Of course, most of the plot comprises a series of deaths and killing. There are some twist like the homo-incest sex for Toyama and his father and the sexual intercourse with patients for the texhnolyze specialist, Doc.

Ichise and Doc

Ichise and Doc

Toyama and his father (Ichise's point of view; Episode 11)

Toyama and his father (Ichise’s point of view; Episode 11)

Most disturbing scenes can be found within the ending episodes of the series. Meaning episode 20-22. Toyama’s beheading, Onishi’s total annihilation, Kano’s beheading. Ran as one of the shapes(but is presumably dead).

Arm GoneArm GoneArm GoneArm Gone

This is a warning for those who would want to watch this anime. This is really not for the faint-hearted. Even if there is no gory scenes, here is this weird feeling of despair and anguish that will lurk within you after watching this. You might want to say, I am really intrigued on what happened to Ichise, if he died or just slept. I don’t know, I just want to hug him when I saw this scene. I want to comfort him and tell him that there is still a tomorrow.

Arm GoneArm Gone

Lesson: I am a misanthropist in all aspects but when you encounter someone or even an anime character who feels more despair and anguish than you do. You feel compelled to live on and cheer that person who is more miserable than you, because they experienced situations far worse than you. Your heart will encourage you to live on for that person.

But my overall reaction to the whole anime is still this:


Recommendation: Don’t watch it only once, because, really, you won’t be able to get it.

“Inhumane and Beautiful”